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The Show Scene Starts Here

Updated: May 26, 2020

At Kirkhaven Farm, we consider it an honor and privilege to compete or exhibit our Dexters at local, regional, and national venues. We believe that getting this rare breed "out there" is vital to their preservation as a breed and to their viability as milk and beef producers in the agriculture community. But often, people have a clouded view of how our "show cattle" really live. So, I wanted to post pics of some of our show team today to help people understand how utterly normal their days truly are.

These are photos of some of the Kirkhaven Farm Dexter Cattle Show Team in their natural habitat. This is where cattle showing begins and ends for us: on the rolling hills and valleys of our beloved Appalachian farm. Our show cows, calves, steers, and bulls drink fresh water from our creeks, springs, and artesian well. They nap in the woods or on sunny hillsides. They browse through native berry bushes, checking to see which berries are currently ripening. They snack on whatever suits their fancy as they graze through the day. They basically enjoy a quiet life here . . . doing what bovine do best . . . eating and resting and caring for each other.

No one lives in a stall. No one is bathed or groomed daily. Some folks do that with their show cattle, but we do not.

Everyone is periodically haltered, trained, and taught to have manners in the barn and on the trailer. Everyone also gets daily scratches from their farmer (which they enjoy immensely). They learn to cooperate when show grooming becomes important near show time. And they usually get some cow-cookie treats when they walk over to visit with me.

So here they are . . . mud splotches and all . . . some of the 2019 Kirkhaven Farm Show team: