Kirkhaven Farm Dexter cattle for sale

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Kirkhaven Farm Dexter cattle for sale

Dexters are a BARGAIN in the cattle world!

10 Reasons to Raise Dexters:


Dexters are a multipurpose breed.

They can be raised to milk, to grow for beef, and even to train as oxen.



Dexters are extemely effecient foragers.

They will graze eagerly on high quality pasture,

but wll also eat brush, weeds, and native grasses

that other breeds of cattle usually avoid.

They require less food than their larger relatives because of their smaller size,

but their exceptionally effecient feed-to-product ratio

is the characteristic that distinguishes them as thrifty animals.



Dextes are highly intelligent.

They adapt very well to halter training

and can be excellent competitors in the show arena.



Dexters are a terrific breed for small acreage farms.

A little more than an acre of reasonable pasture can support 2 Dexters.



Dexters adapt well to homestead, multi-species farming.

They are typically quite reasonable

and can learn to co-exist with a variety of other farm animals.



Dexters are a hardy breed.

They can live in nearly any climate.



Dexters are typically easy calvers, producing a calf every year even into their teens.

They have wonderful mothering instincts!



Dexter bulls are renouned for their docile natures.



A Dexter's smaller size makes them perfect for specialty farming. 

They are much less imposing to first-time farmers than huge beef breeds. 

They require less working space than large milking breeds.

They are a good breed for farming retirees that still want to keep a few cattle,

but can no longer handle the ardurous chores of large-scale ranching.



Dexters are easy on the environment.

Their smaller size greatly dimishes their negative impact on the land. Their naturally fertilizing manure adds nutrients to the ground. And their grazing/foreaging behavior, when managed appropriately, can help build depth and richness to the soil.