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Dexters and How They Look

One of my favorite things about Dexters is the natural variety in the breed. Here are some facts about types of Dexters:

Dexters come in three colors.

Dexters can be solid red, black, or dun. They do not have spots, but some white on the tail and the underside of the belly behind the navel is common. White, as a body color, is not a true Dexter color. Some people do bred Dexters to other breeds of cattle to produce boutique colors and color patterns, but true, heritage Dexters are only red, black, or dun.

Black Dexter yearling heifer.

Red Dexter cow.

Dun Dexter cow and her black calf.

Dexters may or may not have horns.

Dexters can be horned, de-horned, or naturally polled. All three types are an acceptable type in the Dexter breed.

Horned Dexter cow.

Young polled Dexter bull.

Dexters are the smallest cattle breed in the world.

Dexters are not miniature cattle. They have been "bred down" from a larger size. Dexters are naturally small, retaining their original size from their origins in Ireland. But even within the Dexter population, there is some variation in size. Typical height ranges can very between and within the populations of chondrodysplasia carriers ("short-legged Dexters") and chondrodysplasia non-carriers ("long-legged Dexters").​

Cows: Typical range in height is 34-46 inches, with a majority in the range of 36-42 inches, measured at the hip. Bulls: Typical range in height is 36-50 inches, with a majority in the range of 38-44 inches, measured at the hip.

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