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Pepper Encrusted Dexter Petite Tenders

Updated: May 26, 2020

Recipe designer:

Lesa Reid

Name of beef cut:

Petite Tenders

Primal section of origin:



Cast iron skillet

Crock pot


· Petite Tenders (enough for your family)

· Chicken or beef broth (approximately 5 cups)

· Butter (1 Tablespoon for each Petite Tender)

· Salt to taste

· Pepper (enough to cover both sides of each Petite Tender)

· Thyme (1 dash per petite tender)

· Garlic (1 dash per petite tender)

· Sliced red onion (one full slice per Petite Tender)

· Sliced Mushrooms (1/4 cup per Petite Tender)

· Some type of rice, noodles, or quinoa (one serving per family member)


1. Preheat cast iron skillet on the stovetop, medium-high

2. Salt and pepper both sides of each Petite Tender, sprinkling salt as you desire, making sure to coat each side with a thin layer of pepper

3. Put butter in the skillet and sear both sides of each Petite Tender

4. Place the meat in the crock pot

5. Season each piece of meat with the garlic and thyme

6. Cover each piece of meat with one slice of red onion and ¼ cup of mushrooms

7. Pour enough chicken or beef broth into the crock pot to cover the meat

8. Cook until the meat easily falls apart when you insert a fork (I cooked 4 petite tenders on the high setting of my crock pot for 5 hours)

9. Cook rice, noodles, or quinoa

10. Serve the meat (with mushrooms and onions and broth) over the rice, noodles, or quinoa

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