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Psalm 107

Delbert's Journey

Updated: May 26, 2020

Dexters are mystical creatures. They have teleportation super powers. They steal hearts without anyone seeing. And they somehow make you chuckle amiably even when you think you're irritated.

This guy is Delbert.

His face probably tells the whole story, but I'll explain it any way.

Delbert is Delilah's steer calf that was moved to the weaning pasture yesterday. He's plenty old enough to wean. He's plenty large enough to wean. He can see his mama and interact with her at the fence, so he isn't cut off from her presence. He has lots of friends to play with in his new herd. And he has all the food and water he could ever want.

But Delbert is not happy.

Delbert wants to go back to his mama in Cabernet's herd. Delbert wants his fresh, warm milk. Delbert wants his mama's undivided attention. Since Delbert's farmers seemed immune to his mooing requests to be reunited with his dear mama, Delbert decided to find a way back to mama himself.

Delbert's journey landed him in our yard.

On the wrong side of the fence.