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About Us

Kirkhaven Farm is nestled in a quaint valley on 205 acres of Appalachian Mountain farmland. There are miles of hiking trails across our rolling ridge-tops, several fishing ponds throughout the valley, numerous bubbling springs, and lots of meandering brooks that wander pleasantly through the nooks and crannies of this East Tennessee farmstead. It’s a quiet place to live, with friendly neighbors and gorgeous vistas. And it’s the perfect place to grow the BEST tomatoes on the planet: Grainger County.


Our initial farming venture started in 2005 on 55 acres of ridge-top property in northeast Knoxville. We were a school teacher and an architect that had never even considered farming until that beautiful piece of land inspired us to try something new.


Now we’re full-time homesteaders living in a 100+ year old log cabin nestled in 205 acres of peaceful, Appalachian valley farmland. Our ADCA-registered Irish Dexter cattle provide us with delicious, healthy, grass-fed beef. We milk some of our Dexter girls for farm-fresh milk, cheeses, and ice cream. We have wonderful eggs from our wonderful Muscovy ducks. We harvest fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs from our gardens, orchard, and woods for canning, drying, and cooking. There are fish in our ponds to grill or bake. And we are astounded, every day, by the bounty of the Lord’s blessing.


Haden continues to provide custom architectural services for both residential and commercial clients. We have show-winning, quality Dexter breeding stock for sale. And our grass-fed Dexter beef is available for purchase throughout the year.


It’s a very full life. But it’s a good life. 


People often ask us, “Are you living your dream?”


I always answer, “We’re living a dream we never even imagined.”