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Udderly Smoooooth Lotion Bar
If you've never used a lotion bar before, you're in for a treat! This soothing fusion of organic bases with exotic essential oils is perfect for rough, weather-worn hands. Farmer tested, farmer approved! And it smells wonderful.


Garden & Grow Lotion Bar
This lotion bar has been created especially for hands-in-the-dirt gardeners. With a special boost of olive oil and lemon, it is formulated to help heal, soothe, and moisturize the hands that turn tiny seeds and raw dirt into beautiful things.


Goodness Gracious Lip Balm
With an earthy blend of mint and frankincense, this rich balm soothes and protects lips no matter the weather! Named in honor of our beloved Nubian doe Gracious . . . who always makes us smile.


Sunshine & Shenannigans Lip Balm
Bright with happy lemon undertones, this lip balm is fresh and light like a bright, sunny day! Named in honor of Millie's mischevious buckling Shenannigans . . . who is always getting into trouble.


Big Orange Balm
Everything is orange in Knoxville, Tennessee on "game day." But whether you're a Tennessee Vol fan or not, this creamy orange lip balm just might be your favorite!


Simple Salve Stick
Need an easy way to apply soothingvessential oils to those pesky cuts and scrapes? This will do it! Rich, wonderful, specialty essential oils in a stick . . . simple.


Udder Butter Specialty Salve
The perfect "after milking" salve! It comes in an 8 ounce break-resistant container with a lid (perfect for carrying back and forth to the milking parlor). The carefully selected ingredients are what I use on lactating cow's udders . . . even if they are still suckling a calf. Recommended for cows, farmers, and anyone else that appreciates a rich, silky lotion-like salve.




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