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Special Shipping Notice
Our products are crafted with ingredients that begin to melt in hot weather.
We can only offer shipping during cool weather.
Get them while you can!
Shipping is calculated at check-out. We ship USPS, Priority Mail, Flat Rate Boxes.
No matter the weather, products can be picked up at the farm.
Please make an appointment to assure we will be available.
Lotion Bar
Udderly Smooth

If you've never used a lotion bar before, you're in for a treat! This soothing fusion of organic bases with exotic essential oils is perfect for rough, weather-worn hands. Farmer tested, farmer approved! And it smells wonderful.

Lotion Bar
Garden & Grow

This lotion bar has been created especially for hands-in-the-dirt gardeners. With a special boost of lemon and earthy oils, it is formulated to comfort and moisturize the hands that turn tiny seeds and raw dirt into beautiful things.

Simple Salve

Easy to apply. Soothing. This is our family's "go-to" ointment for pesky cuts, burns, and any other minor injuries caused by farming mishaps. We keep a few tubes in our first-aid kit right beside the band-aids!

Lip Balm
Big Orange

Like a beautiful Tennessee autumn day, this lip balm's orange undertones are rich and timeless

Lip Balm
Porch Swang

Hints of lavender in this heirloom lip balm remind me of my grandmother's front porch swing. This is a great balm to apply before bedtime.

Lip Balm
Sunshine & Shenanigans

Sunny with happy lemon undertones, this lip balm is fresh and light like a warm summer day.

Lip Balm
Goodness Gracious

With a minty base, this bright lip balm softens and protects lips no matter the weather!