Dexter cattle for sale


Dexters can be excellent family milk cows! Their small size makes them easy to handle. Their thrifty nature means that they eat less than most dairy breeds. And their innate intelligence is a great benefit in training them to accept a daily milking routine.

Dexters typically produce 1-3 gallons of milk a day. They can be milked once a day or twice a day, adapting well to a "calf-sharing" protocol that allows the dam to raise her own calf while still providing the family with daily fresh milk. The milk contains 4-5% butter fat, and is wonderful for crafting homemade dairy products like butter, cheese, and yogurt.

Dexter milk is unique, being easier to digest that typical store-bought milk. Some people find it easier to digest because it is usually consumed raw, without commercial processing that strips the milk of vital probiotics and changes the structure of some of its molecules. But the most likely reason for its easy digestibility is the umique size of Dexter fat globules. Dexter milk has small fat globules, similar to the fat in goat's milk. These smaller globules are easier for humans to digest than the larger ones in commercial dairy cow milk. Some people that can only drink goat's milk comfortably often find that they can also agreeably drink Dexter milk too!

At Kirkhaven Farm, we milk some of our Dexters girls and sometimes sell trained milk cows. Fresh, homemade Dexter dairy products are a staple in our refrigerator!

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